blog 1: hello

we are open house film club

we are four young adults who want to watch, share and talk about films without having to travel super far for super money (see: london). we want to see films that are sparklingly new, as well as achingly old, and foreign language productions alongside indie home growns – basically we want to expand our eyes, hearts and minds without hurting our pockets and build a local community along the way.

we are young film programmers working as part of film hub south east’s initiative to understand how young people watch and engage with films, with the aim to encourage more young people to interact with film and cinema in an event and community based way.

growing up in hertfordshire, we have noticed that our suburban commuter belt zone home caters really well for #families with young children and older people. but it’s also a place thriving with young adults and creative people who are perhaps not being catered for in quite the same way and have to rely on thameslink to satisfy their creative hunger. enough! we say. that is enough! stop wasting your hard earned pennies on extortionate train travel and put what you save into cinema tickets instead! come and join our gang of folk who want to learn more about films, the world and each other through stories n good times !!

we want independent cinemas to be a place where anyone can feel welcome and included and like they don’t have to have seen every kubrick or understand the deeper metaphors to jean-luc godard’s never-ending backlog (nice one if you have and you do – but the local independent is also a place for people who’ve only watched the fast and furious franchise #need #for #speed). we want everyone at our screenings and events to feel as though they can engage in conversation with those around them without feeling pressured to be academic. what a simple joy it is to exclaim that you love a film and for someone to respond ‘me too bestie!’

as programmers, we recognise that we have a responsibility to work on our own biases. we want this community to guide what we show and how we talk about these films and the worlds around them.

we aim to make each screening and event a bit special. to begin with, that will predominantly involve simply having a space before and after the film for people to hang out, chat and let their brains breathe. we are firm believers in mulling over a film and letting it affect you. watching films that changed our lives together is what inspired open house film club.  further down the line, our events may involve more interactive elements like voting on screenings and photobooths and music and Q&As and decorations and challenges and competitions. we are a work in progress and as the community evolves, we will too.

we won’t pretend we know everything about films – we really don’t. we just care a lot about the cinema and about sharing experiences and stories, and it’s becoming a cliché but hey – after the lockdown life…

we would love to see you at the screenings we host at the odyssey cinema and around st albans and hertfordshire. check out our facebook page, twitter and instagram for more ways to interact with us. follow our letterboxd to see more films that didn’t make the final cut of the programmed lists. contact us if you have a film you’d like us to screen, an idea for an event, or even a programme of films or stories you’d like to explore. if you have any writing about films or film worlds or particular analyses that you’d like us to share, drop us a message (unfortunately we currently don’t have any money to pay for writing, but if/when we do, we will share this info).

do let us know how you think we can improve and better serve this community.

read more about our social mission and goals here x

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