social mission

as a community interest company, we are built with – surprise surprise – the community’s interest at heart. we wrote this social mission to focus on the certain goals we want to achieve through this group and here they are for your viewing reading pleasure (:

1. to provide an accessible, affordable space for young people to experience film in an interactive and social way

accessible: provide cultural and physical accessibility

  • we will do this by holding screenings with captions and subtitles as much as possible
  • we will publicise films to areas and groups that may not usually be focused on. for example teaming up with organisations that already have a relationship with other groups that may be interested in our screenings

affordable: our aim is to implement a ‘pay what you can’ policy as much as possible*

  • we will negotiate with spaces and facilitators to reduce entrance fees, and where possible will cover costs for those who are unable to pay for services
  • *unfortunately, this is not possible at the odyssey cinema due to costs needing to be covered, however we will do our best to implement this in outside events

interactive: will change per event and dependent on the films we show, but generally means discussions, competitions and activities related to the film

2. to create an inclusive community of film lovers in st albans and surrounding areas

inclusive: for everyone and anyone whilst being specifically aimed at young adults, aged 18-30, and for people of any culture, background, sexuality and ability. our team have had safeguarding training and are regularly undertaking unconscious bias testing and training in safe spaces and inclusivity. if you feel we can do better in particular areas, do not hesitate in bringing this to our attention. we are open to and keen to keep improving and learning on how to make our film community and facilities as inclusive as possible.

proximity: depending on where screenings are situated, st albans and surrounding areas can be difficult to travel. we are applying for funding for travel expenses so that our community can get to and from our screenings safely without having to worry about cost.

3. to curate a programme of broad and diverse films online

programme: the films we share will show stories from, about and by people of different backgrounds, genders, sexualities and abilities. we do this in following the belief that the best way we learn is through stories and through collective experiences, and cinema is our preferred way of doing this.

our vision

  • a diverse community of young people who regularly interact with films from a wide range of filmmakers.
  • at the core of a community where young people can discuss and share films in a relaxed and fun way
  • to be a dependable source of quality films from a curated range of film genres